Getting up & running again!

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As we come out of lockdown and gradually re-establish normal church life, we need some help! Please take a look at this list, and see if there is anything you could be involved with - every bit of help is much appreciated. 

Some of the roles need safeguarding training and DBS checks - it is never onerous and we will guide you through it. 

Welcome team

Be part of the team who welcome worshippers at the door with a friendly smile. Hand out books and service sheets and help clear them away afterwards. Needed for both the 9 am and 10.30 am services.

Coffee team

Speaks for itself - help with the preparations for drinks after the 10.30 am service, then serve and clear up. Usually tea and coffee, but often a glass or two of something stronger. Cake is rumoured to be involved.


The church needs to be kept clean! Can involve any of hoovering, dusting, tidying things away, polishing woodwork and brass and cleaning toilets. A vital service to our church family and visitors.

Flower arranging

We love having fresh bunches of flowers decorating our church for most of the year. Does not require anything elaborate - nice vases of flowers you would have at home look equally good in church.

Gardening in the churchyard

We have such a lovely churchyard, but it doesn't happen by accident. A few times a year volunteers meet to do the gardening and maintenance. All levels of jobs available from a bit of light weeding to heavier labour.

Church advertising

We need help with church communications and advertising! Someone who will look three months or so ahead in the diary and discuss with Simon and Gillian what needs publicising, which are the most appropriate ways of publicising it (Messenger, posters, pew sheet, website, Facebook, Twitter, Across the City etc etc), do some themselves if they want to, and prompt others to do what is needed.

Deputy Verger

Sounds esoteric but it isn't. Clare Kerr, our Verger, looks after funeral and wedding services. It involves being present, helping the families etc. We need a deputy for when she isn't available.


You know you can sing! Have you thought of giving the choir a go? Now is the time to start. The numbers who can sing in services are restricted at present but that is not going to last long, so please think about joining now.