Lent campaign: Strengthening the safety net 

Across the country, there is a safety net in place for families who are struggling, to help them when times get tough. This is made up of council emergency funds, foodbanks, charities and churches. But that safety net is at risk.

Already there are over 20 councils that no longer provide this support and more that are threatening to close because of limited funds and a lack of government support. This puts even more pressure on those foodbanks, churches and charities to plug the gaps.

Support The Children's Society this Lent

CAM03CrisisLoanCampaignAssetsLThe Children's Society (TCS) is campaigning to ensure that the safety net is strengthened in every town and city in the country, so there is better support for people who are in crisis.

Throughout Lent, St Andrew's will build our own paperchain net - with each link representing a £1 donation to the TCS campaign.

The net will be on display in church so people can see week by week how our donations are adding up!