Follow a refugee's journey at the Stapleford Village Weekend 

How much do you know about the refugee crisis that has seen more than 4 million Syrians flee their country since civil war broke out in 2011?

RefugeeGameFULLOn Saturday 22nd June you can find out more about the risks facing Syrian refugees when trying to reach northern Europe, with our giant board game (see picture) at the Stapleford Village Weekend.

Aimed at children (although adults are welcome to take part!) you will follow a route from Syria to the UK. 

Along the way, you can find out about some of the risks and obstacles refugees face. And maybe learn a few surprising facts along the way!

  • 50% of all refugees who claim asylum in the EU are 'unaccompanied minors' - that is, children under 18 years who are not in the care of an adult
  • In the UK, this figure is 39% (source: Eurostat) 
  • You can find out more about how The Children's Society is helping child refugees at our stand - or visit their website
  • Also on 22nd June is the Stapleford Village Show
  • For other weekend events (including summer party for Year 6+, quiz, live music, cricket and 'Pimms & Hymns' church service) click here!