Awareness raised of refugee work at village weekend 

Alex Refugee Game

St Andrew's helped to raise awareness among adults and children of the plight of refugees making the dangerous journey from war-torn countries to Europe, at this summer's Stapleford Village Weekend.

Before starting the board game - which focused on Syria although it is applicable to all refugees and asylum seekers everywhere - people were asked why they thought Syrians wanted to leave their country (see the photos below for some of those ideas).

The main photo shows Alex, 16, taking part in the 'Refugee Journey' board game.

He said afterwards: "It was an eye-opener, I never realised that half of all the refugees entering the EU are not even with adults, they are just a group of children travelling alone, trying to get help."


  • It's startling but true - more than 50% of all refugees in the EU are 'unaccompanied minors' - that is, children travelling without adults.
  • Click on this link from The Children's Society for 10 facts about child refugees.
  • Watch this video from The Children's Society: