The Church of England and Civil Partnerships 

A week or so ago the House of Bishops issued a pastoral statement on civil partnerships. It did little more than restate the Church of England's existing doctrine on sexual relationships in the light of the new position that those of opposite sex may now legally enter a civil partnership (until recently that status was confined to those of the same sex). However, despite its title, it did so in terms which were legalistic rather than pastoral. To many it also seemed to undermine the process of discernment relating to sexuality that the Church is presently going through under the title Living in Love and Faith.

On 30 January 2020 the Archbishops issued an apology for the pastoral statement, recognising that it had jeopardised trust.  

The Bishop of Huntingdon, Bishop Dagmar, has issued her own message addressing the furore, and expressing her commitment to ongoing learning and discernment, and discovering the radically of true Christian inclusion.

The position of St Andrew's remains that expressed on our New Here page: LBGTQ+ people are very welcome, accepted and safe here.