Stapleford Messenger 

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The wonderful Stapleford Messenger needs a new production team! Jon West and Ed Rose have been running it for some years and need a break.

It is a great magazine owned and run by the church for the whole community, and it is vital that its good work keeps going. As well as keeping the community up to date with news and upcoming events, the profit goes to good causes in our community through the Stapleford Messenger Fund.

The idea is to put together a team to replace Jon and Ed, who will together be responsible for the tasks that need to be done. Might you be interested?

This is not a writing assignment, but thinking up ideas for copy, chasing up regular contributors, proof reading and checking copy, putting the magazine together using a desk top publishing package, managing the advertising, and liaising with the printer. People with all sorts of skills are needed, so there is likely to be a niche for you. Jon and Ed will stay on to help the transition, so don't worry if you don't think you yet have the skills - try something new!